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DC Motor Theory

DC Motor Theory | Working Principle

One of the most important developments in the field of electricity is the electric motor. The electric motor converts electrical power into rotating mechanical power. Motors are used for such items as refrigeration and air conditioning, food mixers, vacuum cleaners, grinders, pumps, power bench saws, lathes, various wood and metal …

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DC Generator Types & Working

dc generator types and working

There are a number of different types of DC generators. Several of these generator types will be discussed briefly. Study their similarities as well as their differences. DC Generators can be distinguished by their method of excitation. Self-excited generators can be separated further into the categories of shunt, series, and …

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Types of DC Motors

Types of DC Motors | Motor Starting Circuits

The different types of dc motors share the common names of dc generators such as shunt, series, and com- pound. The construction of the motors is similar to the generator counter parts. Shunt DC Motor In the shunt motor, the field windings shunt across, or in parallel to, the armature, …

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