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Electric Motor Maintenance Checklist

Electric motors are very dependable machines. An electric motor gives good service under all operating conditions for which it is designed.  For the safest service possible, the information given on the motor nameplate should be checked before putting a motor into operation. See Figure 1. The nameplate should be checked …

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AC Motor Types | Single & Three Phase AC Motors

Alternating current (AC) motors are the most common type of motor used to produce work. AC motors range in size from fractional horsepower (HP) to thousands of HP. Fractional HP AC motors are used in residential buildings to drive refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers; circulate air, and operate appliances. Larger …

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Types of AC Generators | Single Phase and Three Phase AC Generator

AC Generator

The types of AC generators include single-phase (1φ) and three-phase (3φ) AC generators. Single-phase and three-phase AC generators operate similarly; however, single-phase generators have one armature and three- phase generators have three armatures. Three-phase generators provide a more consistent voltage than single-phase generators. Three-phase AC generators are either wye-connection or …

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AC Generator: Parts & Functions

AC generators consist of field windings, an armature (coil), slip rings, and brushes

Generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by means of electromagnetic induction. AC generators, also referred to as alternators, convert mechanical energy into AC voltage and current. AC generators consist of field windings or permanent magnets, an armature, slip rings, and brushes. See Figure 1. Figure 1. AC generators consist …

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