What Are Some Popular Myths About Macs and Apple?

What Are Some Popular Myths About Macs and Apple?

Apple is one of those companies that are surrounded by various myths. Some of the claims are borderline ridiculous, whereas others have some truth in them.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what encourages this myth creation. Perhaps it is the shroud surrounding the company and its founders? Or maybe the company has become a worldwide phenomenon, and it is natural to expect it.

One should also not underestimate that Apple has plenty of competitors that are spreading false rumors with the hopes of damaging the company’s reputation. At the same time, there are those who do the exact opposite—try their best to give Apple an even better name.

Having said that, it might be worth your while to familiarize yourself with some of the most commonly encountered myths about Apple, with some focus on MacBooks.

MacBooks Are Overpriced

The suggestion of how overpriced MacBooks are is not something out of thin air. If you were to compare specifications with Windows laptops or desktop computers, it is quite clear that macOS is not the go-to option as far as prices go.

However, the price is not necessarily something you can relate to, just hardware alone. No, by getting a MacBook, you also get a device that shows your status. The Apple brand itself is worth quite a lot. 

In addition, macOS has features that you will not find in Windows, particularly when it comes to available applications. 

Apple Is Nothing Without Steve Jobs

What Are Some Popular Myths About Macs and Apple?

After the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, plenty of doomsayers were telling how Apple is going under or that the company will have to be sold to some foreign investors only to fail after a couple of years.

Did these predictions come to fruition? No, far from it. All it takes is a couple of comparisons to see how Apple is really doing.

For example, the company generated about 7 billion in revenue from MacBooks in 2019. Meanwhile, the figure increased to 8.25 billion dollars in 2020, which indicates significant growth. And that is only one of Apple’s products. 

iPhones Track People

Conspiracy theories have been around for a while, but it is still fun to what some people come up with because they have too much free time on their hands. 

One of the most popular theories surrounding Apple is how iPhones are used by the government to track people. In fact, it is not just iPhones but other Apple devices as well.

It is easy to believe such claims when you have the latest technology in your pocket, but it is important to note that the mere idea of some governments tracking people is simply ridiculous. If you ever encounter such thoughts from someone online or in the real world, do yourself a favor and ignore them.

Windows and macOS Are Incompatible

The incompatibility between macOS and Windows might have been a thing in the past. In fact, you could hardly find a compatible operating system. However, these days, flexibility is one of the most important traits one expects to find in their devices, and computers are no exception.

It is tricky to switch back and forth between macOS and Windows, but there are plenty of tools and tutorials on how to do it.

Perhaps you are looking to try a specific application that is available only on Windows because you believe it would help at your work or studies? Or maybe you are interested in comparing the user interface of different operating systems?

Regardless, you do not have to worry about checking both operating systems, and you certainly do not have to buy separate computers for that.

Upgrading Mac Hardware Is Not an Option

What Are Some Popular Myths About Macs and Apple?

It is true that hardware upgrades are not that common for laptops. There is too much hassle since most of the hardware is integrated, and replacing or even removing it is more or less impossible or too much trouble.

However, it does not mean that the upgrade possibility is out of the question. When it comes to MacBooks, you need a compatible model. And as far as possible upgrade options go, there are three:

  • Extra RAM
  • A hard drive instead of a solid-state drive
  • An external graphics processing unit

Buying and upgrading MacBook hardware and investing in accessories like external hard drives or USB flash drives help free up space on macOS, improve the overall computer performance, and increase longevity.

Pro tip: wait for a holiday or another opportunity for a sale and save money on purchasing hardware upgrades.

macOS Is Not Prone to Malware and Other Cybersecurity Threats

Because macOS is not as popular as Windows, fewer hackers are interested in developing trackers that target MacBook users specifically. Instead, these hackers are looking to target as many devices as possible, and it makes sense to create threats for Windows.

Other than the popularity, it is also worth noting that macOS updates also push for security improvements, and it is recommended to keep the operating system up to date.

But do these things eliminate the possibility of catching malware on your MacBook? No, the odds are still there, though they are not that high.

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