5 Interesting Careers for People with a Degree in Electrical Engineering

A degree in electrical engineering can open many doors when it comes to pursuing a career. If this is your passion and you’ve completed a degree in this subject, finding your ideal job might feel like a natural next step. There is a range of careers available for people with qualifications in electrical engineering.

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Marine Electrical System Design

This provides an ideal combination for people who enjoy electrical work as well as life at sea. Marine electrical system design jobs offer you an opportunity to combine a love of sailing or yachting with your electrical skills.

Jobs in this field may involve design projects in the early stages of building yachts and other marine vessels. Since marine engineering is in demand internationally, people working in these jobs often get the chance to travel too.

Nuclear Engineer

If nuclear energy fascinates you, a degree in electrical engineering could enable you to work at a nuclear power station. Jobs in this field often include liaison with other engineers to respond to problems at the power site, draw up reports, and make recommendations.

Some nuclear engineers work in jobs where they design nuclear equipment. This could involve designing and developing entirely new products or redesigning existing components – a popular option with creative engineers.

Aircraft Engineer

With more than 38 million flights per year on average worldwide, aircraft engineers are always in demand. They are the people designing and building airplanes – from the huge passenger planes used for transatlantic journeys to the fighter planes used in warfare.

The job of an aircraft engineer may entail testing prototypes and new systems, collecting data for reports, and looking at ways to make aircraft more efficient.

Design Engineer

A core quality of many engineers is a keen eye for detail, so if this is one of your strong points, then a job in design engineering might be right for you.

Design engineers are those responsible for creating new systems, often using computer-aided design and engineering programs. It is a job that involves a lot of problem-solving and analytical thinking. While some roles are part of a larger team, many design engineers spend a lot of time solo working.

Special Effects Engineer

A degree in electrical engineering could open doors for you to work in the field of special effects engineering. Working in this industry could give you unrivaled insight into what life is like behind the scenes of TV shows, movies, and live events.

This unique engineering role would enable you to work closely with actors, directors, and other special effects engineers and technicians. It is a great option for people who love to work as part of a team and enjoy a combination of electrical and performing arts.


Not all the jobs listed above will require a degree specifically in electrical engineering. Many other jobs are available for candidates with this degree, showing just how many opportunities could arise after graduation.

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