Electrical Engineering Terms F


As used in a building or other structure construction: A structural unit used to distribute loads of the bearing materials.

Free Electrons / Valence Electrons.

The electrons located in the outer orbit of an atom. Normally associated with metals or other conductive material, free electrons are loosely held within the outer valences (orbits) of the atomic structure of the individual atoms, and consequently, tend to move at random among the atoms of the material.

Freely Operable.

As used with an electric motor-circuit disconnecting means, the motor-circuit disconnect cannot be located behind locked doors or inside locked cabinets or other enclosures that are sealed closed by special screws, bolts, or other fasteners.

Full-Load Current (FLC) / Full-Load Amps (FLA).

Listed on the nameplate of a given electric motor (NP FLC), the full-load current or full-load amp rating, is the current the motor will draw when operated at its rated voltage, rated frequency (AC motors), and rated torque (horsepower rating).

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