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Magnetization Curve Explanation

magnetization curve

Magnetization Curve Definition A curve, or loop, plotted on B-H coordinates showing how the magnetization of a ferromagnetic material varies when subjected to a periodically reversing magnetic field, is known as Hysteresis Loop or Magnetization Curve. Non-Magnetic Materials The reluctance of non-magnetic materials is not affected by the density of flux in those …

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Magnetic Reluctance (Rm)

Magnetic Reluctance (Rm) | Definition | Formula | Example

Some materials require high magnetizing forces to align their atomic dipoles in the same direction, while others are readily magnetized by small forces. All materials offer some opposition to being magnetized and the term used to describe this opposition is ‘magnetic reluctance’. Magnetic Reluctance Formula Reluctance is comparable with resistance in …

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Magnetic Flux Density (B)

Flux Density (B) Definition Formula Example

Magnetic Flux density is the measure of the number of magnetic lines of force per unit of cross-sectional area. The general symbol for magnetic flux density is B and the unit is the weber per square meter (Wb/m2). One weber per square meter is called a tesla (T). If both …

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Magnetic Field Intensity

Magnetic Field Intensity | Definition | Formula

The m.m.f. required to magnetize a unit length of a magnetic path is termed the magnetizing force or magnetic field intensity (H) for that portion of the magnetic circuit. The magnetic field intensity is applicable only to that section of the magnetic circuit, made of the one material and with …

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Magnetomotive Force (MMF)

Magnetomotive Force (MMF) Definition Formula Unit Example

The force required to create a magnetic field is called the magnetomotive force, abbreviated to m.m.f. with a general symbol Fm. The magnetomotive force is the force that creates the magnetic field. The m.m.f. acts like the electromotive force in an electric circuit and is the force necessary to set …

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