Electrical Engineering Terms W

Wire-Wound Rotor (Wound-Rotor Motor or just Wound Rotor).

As compared to a squirrel-cage rotor of an electric motor in which aluminum is cast over a steel rotor frame in a mold, the armature circuit of this rotor consists of preformed wraps of insulated wire (windings) similar to the field windings in the stator assembly of a 3-phase AC induction motor. The ends of the windings in this type of rotor are brought out of the motor assembly through slip rings for connection to variable external resistances (resistive load bank).

Watt’s Law

It states that power in an electrical circuit depends on the amount of the resistance and the amount of current.

Wheatstone bridge.

 Specialized series-parallel circuit used in precision measurement.

Winding Resistance

      The DC resistance of the wire making up the inductor

Winding Capacitance

  A side effect of inductors caused by multiple wraps of wire being in close proximity

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