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Renewable Energy

Electrical Current: Definition & Formula

Complete DC Circuit

The original idea of current was based on Benjamin Franklin’s belief that electricity was an unseen substance that moved from positive to negative. Conventional current is defined based on this original assumption of positive to negative. The original definition is widely used, although there is another definition of current called electron flow. Electrons move …

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Nuclear Energy Environmental Impact

The ITER Tokamak Fusion Reactor

Environmental Concerns The environmental concerns associated with nuclear reactors are very different than with fossil fuel–burning power plants. On the positive side, reactors do not emit greenhouse gases or other atmospheric pollutants. They also use significantly less fuel in terms of weight than coal-fired plants. Reactors for electricity production have …

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How Does Nuclear Energy Work

Diagram of a Pressurized Water Reactor

Nuclear Energy Nuclear energy derives its power from the enormous amount of stored binding energy in the nucleus of the atom, which is the energy that holds the nucleus of the atom together. By tapping this energy, a substance such as water is heated and converted to steam to drive …

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Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuels

The environmental effects of using fossil fuels can have a serious impact on the quality of life. The process of burning fossil fuels combines carbon in the fuel with oxygen in the air to form carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released to the atmosphere. This is true for all fossil …

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Types of Fossil Fuels

renewable energy sources in the united states

Fossil fuels are fuels formed from decaying plant and animal matter that was primarily formed over millions of years. Fossil fuels include coal, oil (petroleum), and natural gas. These fuels have been the primary energy source for over 200 years, but they will eventually have to be replaced by other sources …

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